How can an online business travel booking platform help to get your team organised? In more ways than one, actually.

Consider this situation for a moment… a growing financial advisement firm in Mumbai has recently opened a new branch in New Delhi. Over the last few months, senior managers have been travelling between the two branches in order to oversee the expansion. Mid-level managers are due to offer training at the new branch in the month to come, while juniors from the new branch need to visit the Mumbai branch as well. CEO Sam has decided that his company’s old way of booking business trips through a travel agent is no longer financially viable. He has decided to try an online business travel booking tool instead.

What sort of benefits can Sam expect to see from an organisational point of view? How would this sort of platform simplify Sam’s life and workload? Let’s have a look…

Get Organised With These Online Business Travel Booking Tips

Some of the ways that an online business travel booking platform can help CEOs and travel managers like Sam include the following:

  • Create a business travel plan. The first step in steam-lining your travel booking processes is to create a dedicated plan that outlines employee travel. This may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many companies do not have one in place. Your plan should outline your expectations and rules relating to workplace travel, with specific terms on how employees book, who does the booking, how invoices need to be handled, what is allowed to be claimed as an expense (and what is not) and any other terms that you think are relevant.
  • Set individual and team budgets. Without a budget in place, employees may end up choosing expensive 5-star hotels over affordable 3-star hotels that are adequate for short stays. Likewise, poor decisions may be made when bookings are not managed by a dedicated travel manager, leader, PA or receptionist. Having a budget in place for your overall business travel each year, as well as individual budgets for each employee will also help you find ways to save through special discounts and offers.
  • Develop a list of preferred providers. One of the many useful features of a tool such as Voyya is that it allows you to track employee travel to determine which hotels are frequently used. This gives you excellent data that can be used to create a list of preferred providers. If you do the same with car hire companies and even airlines, you will be able to save a great deal of time, effort and even funds by choosing the suppliers that add the most value.
  • Create an environment of transparency. Another benefit of Voyya is that it ensures full transparency and accountability at all times. Because all travel is booked through a central dashboard, with compliant invoices saved to the platform, there is little to no room for fraud or resource abuse. This in turn simplifies your processes across the board.
  • Take the stress out of travel bookings. Finally, the most important thing to do is to create a booking process that is stress-free and simple. Voyya makes travel bookings as easy as could be, with a system that can be used by employees and travel managers, CEOs, small business owners, assistants, receptionists and anyone else in charge of employee travel.

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