Online hotel booking apps have made it easier than ever to travel. For corporate travel however, the needs of a typical business traveller are a little bit different to those of a leisure traveller. Although these two markets are very different, the average booking platform caters to both. This can quickly lead to issues when the time comes to track down invoices for your employees’ hotel stays.

How can you be sure that you choose an online hotel booking app that is geared towards meeting the needs of the modern business traveller?

Avoid These Online Hotel Booking App Mistakes

Make sure that your online hotel booking app works for you and your company by avoiding the following mistakes:

  • Allowing employees to book their own travel. You may think that you are saving yourself time and effort by allowing your employees to arrange their own travel. This is not always the best route however. A far more effective approach would be to use a booking platform that allows you to book and manage your entire company’s travel from one central dashboard. The benefit of this approach is that it ensures that you do not have wildly varying travel costs from one employee to another. It also means that you do not run the risk of resource abuse or fraud. If you use a platform such as Voyya, you can also benefit from reduced rates through our partners.
  • Using consumer travel platforms to book business trips. If you assumed that all travel platforms are the same, you are not alone. As great as popular booking sites are for planning your holiday, they are not always equipped to handle business travel, which often requires special invoices and other factors to ensure compliance. It can therefore be a lot easier to choose a platform that was designed especially for corporate travel. This gives you peace of mind in a way that means you will never have to worry about chasing invoices again.
  • Booking on an app that does not offer compliant invoices. On that note, compliance is essential in order to claim cash back on GST and tax. If you choose a booking platform that is not equipped to offer compliant invoices, you will end up having to chase your chosen hotel or service provider when the invoice invariably lacks the information it requires. A dedicated business travel platform that generates the right invoices will save you time and a great deal of effort.
  • Paying a fortune to book your trips. Last, but not least, you should not have to pay a fortune to enjoy such a platform, either. What makes Voyya so accessible is not only its ease of use, but also the fact that it does not cost a thing to use. This is great news, whatever the size of your company. To one step further, Voyya also enjoys a number of discounts from our partners, while also offering the financial benefits enjoyed by saving tax back and compliant invoices, which further helps you save on your company’s employee travel.

Getting started with Voyya is not only easy – it’s also free. Sign up today for your free account, or alternatively, you can contact us on +1 414 409 111 or to find out more about our innovative online hotel booking app.