Online travel sites have done wonders for businesses all over the globe. For travel managers, CEOs, CFOs, receptionists and small business owners, travel sites offer a simple way to arrange business trips without having to deal with travel agents.

While there is no doubt that online travel sites make life easier, it does not mean that every travel site is equal however. To get a better idea of how a good site should work, we have put together a list of some of the most common challenges found with these booking sites.

The Biggest Challenges With Online Travel Sites

A platform such as Voyya offers the most effective way to plan your employees’ travel simply. Although most regular booking sites are fine to use for leisure travel, not all of them offer the same features. Some of the things to avoid when choosing online travel sites include the following:

  • Rates differ depending on the site. For most companies on a strict budget, there is a great need for a platform that offers the best rates possible. If you are trying to fit in a number of employee trips within your already over-stretched budget, there is often no time to shop around. Instead, wouldn’t it be great to be able to have one single place to go, to enjoy regular discounts on hotels, flights and other services required during your trips?
  • Invoices are not always compliant. Wouldn’t it also make life simpler if you knew that invoices were always fully compliant in order to claim tax on travel expenses? This makes your job a lot easier, meaning that you won’t have to chase after suppliers to update their invoices with the information you need in order to submit your expenses to tax authorities.
  • Most sites are geared towards leisure travel. Regular booking websites that allow you to plan your trip online are extremely popular. Although they are great for holidays, they are not always ideal for business trips however. The majority of travel sites are B2C rather than B2B. This means that a platform designed specifically for business travel will always be your best choice.
  • Invoices are not consolidated. Imagine if you had a central dashboard that allows you to book and manage all of your employee trips from one place. The ability to generate consolidated invoices is a highly important feature. This takes off a lot of stress from your employees, too, who don’t need to worry about losing invoices. Instead, they are all in one place, within your dashboard, where you can always access them safely and quickly.
  • Most sites do not allow you to book all your travel requirements. Last, but not least, think about how much time it would save if you could book your entire trip from one single place. Rather than having to go to one site for your hotel booking, another for your flight, and still another for your car hire, you can arrange everything you need from a single travel platform. This not only saves time, but also makes it easier to plan without added worry of last minute details that you have forgotten.

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