One of the most frustrating parts of any business trips is travel invoice retrieval. When your employees travel frequently, they may use a number of suppliers throughout the course of their trip. A standard three day trip abroad could very often result in hotel invoices, flight ticket invoices, receipts for dining out, car hire invoices and invoices for any other expenses that the employee has incurred over their stay. Some may be paperless; others may not.

Ann is a secretary who manages all employee travel for an international marketing agency based in Tel Aviv. Each year, the digital, advertising, web development and sales teams need to travel. Some employees have annual meetings with the agency’s primary branch in London. Others travel to the branch in New York. A few are doing sales outreach across Europe. Ann needs to get invoices from each employee in each team after every single trip. Sometimes, this is not too difficult. Other times, she has to spend a great deal of time that she does not have in her day to send emails or spend time on the phone calling suppliers because invoices are not compliant.

How can Ann simplify her travel invoice process so that she is able to reduce the amount of time spent on invoice follow ups?

How to Simplify Your Travel Invoice Process

For starters, Ann could consider a travel invoice tool that makes her life simpler almost instantly. Some of the ways that a travel platform such as Voyya makes the invoice process easier include the following:

  • All invoices are consolidated. This means that Ann only needs access to her central dashboard in order to find and handle invoices. For employees, it means an easier way to travel without the worry of losing invoices or forgetting to submit them to Ann on time.
  • Invoices are compliant. On that note, compliant invoices mean that they can be submitted to tax authorities, both locally and internationally without the risk of rejected claims.
  • Employee travel is tracked. Over and beyond the ability to easily find and settle invoices from one central dashboard, platforms such as Voyya also offer the ability to stay on track of employee travel through reports that are generated from the dashboard. This allows you to prevent potential fraud. Because all invoices are managed through Voyya, and employee trips are tracked as well, it will become almost impossible for false invoices to be submitted or for invoices to not be submitted at all.

Don’t be like Ann… take control over your invoices today by signing up for your Voyya account. It is completely free, and along with compliant travel invoice management, it also offers plenty of other features that add value to your business. Sign up for your free Voyya account today, or contact our sales team on +33 4 26 03 52 43 or to learn more about how to ensure travel invoice compliance.