Wondering how regular hotel booking sites compare to Voyya? The majority of booking platforms cater to a broad range of travellers, with a high portion making up leisure travel rather than business travel.

This is where Voyya comes in… after seeing a massive opportunity for easy, compliant corporate travel and a B2B travel portal that was easy and fun to use, Voyya was developed to offer a one of a kind business travel portal that caters to businesses of all sizes. Keep on reading to see how standard booking sites compare to Voyya.

How Do Hotel Booking Sites Stack Up Against Voyya?

To give you a better idea of how Voyya compares to regular hotel booking sites, here are a few of our most valued features on offer to users:

  • No need for travel agents. Do you have complete price transparency regarding your bookings through Travel agents – are you getting the best prices? Voyya gives you all the tools that you need to book and manage your employee business travel, through a single easy to use tool. Not only is it easy to use, it does not cost you a thing, either.
  • Reduced rates on flights, hotels and car rentals. If you’re lucky, you could find a good deal booking directly on a B2C travel site. More often than not however, you are bound by consumer travel seasons, which can often end up costing the earth of your employees need to travel during peak periods. You can save even further with the help of Voyya through excellent deals enjoyed through our partners Booking.com, Expedia, Europcar and various other service wholesale providers. This gives you even more value.
  • Consolidated invoicing. One of the biggest challenges for any travel manager is dealing with invoices that need to be sourced from employees. No other booking sites give you the benefit of fully compliant, easy to manage invoices the way that Voyya does. Keep track of all employee travel invoices in one place, with compliant, consolidated invoices that mean you will never need to chase after invoices from numerous suppliers.
  • Interactive dashboard. Even if you are able to generate invoices, you will seldom have the chance to see an analytical dashboard that allows you to get a deeper idea of employee travel trends. With Voyya, you can also stay on track of employee travel costs, identify the employees spending the most, determine the hotels that are most frequented and stay on track with your employee travel simply and efficiently.
  • VAT compliance and VAT savings. In addition to Voyya ensuring that your invoices are always automatically VAT compliant, you can also benefit from VAT back of up to 27% .As a busy secretary or travel manager that has plenty of other responsibilities, dealing with non-compliant invoices is something you could easily live without. This is one of our biggest advantages – no other booking sites are able to give you this kind of peace of mind!
  • 24/7 customer care. Along with all of this, you also have the benefit of round the clock service and support via live chat, phone or email. Our team is always on hand to assist – whatever you may need. Few booking sites give you the same level of professional care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This gives you the ultimate peace of mind in knowing that there is always someone to assist.

Ready to get started with Voyya? Sign up for your free account right now, or get in touch with our team on +33 4 26 03 52 43 or hello@voyya.com to learn more about how we differ from traditional hotel booking sites.