How exactly does a business travel portal help you manage employee travel? For starters, it offers a simple, easy to use central dashboard that can be used to manage all aspects of your employee business trips in one place.

John owns a successful SME that specialises in international software. Because his work comprises a large training aspect, he needs to frequently send out his sales team to various locations across the world. As John’s company has grown over the years, he has realised that his old way of letting employees find the cheapest deal on the first travel website they found is no longer working. John knows that the best way to ensure that he is able to keep track of his team’s trips is to invest in a tool that not only allows him to book hotels, flights and car hire for his sales people, but also get reports on where they stay, how much they spend and how frequently they travel.

How does John achieve all of that, you may be wondering? The answer is simple – all John needs to do is look for a business travel portal that is able to provide comprehensive functionality and doesn’t bankrupt the business!

Getting Your Employee Travel On Track With a Business Travel Portal

Luckily for John, there is just such a tool on hand. Best of all, it is free to use. Voyya is a brand new, innovative tool that is designed for companies of all sizes. Along with its ability to plan trips efficiently, this tool also has unique analytic tools that further help business owners like John keep their employee travel on track. Some of the ways that a reliable business travel portal helps to manage employee trips include the following:

  • Travel cost analysis. Whether you are a small business owner like John, or you are a travel manager, CEO or secretary for a large, global corporation, sticking to budgets is essential to your bottom line. What makes a platform such as Voyya so valuable is that it allows you to conduct full analysis of your travel costs. These reports will make it easier to plan and allocate travel budgets effectively.
  • Employee travel spend. You will also get the benefit of being able to track individual employee travel spend. While this is useful to ensure that budgets are being met throughout each financial year, they can also help to prevent workplace fraud, resource abuse and other issues. No one likes to imagine their employees taking advantage. Reporting tools such as this take out the risk, giving you full peace of mind.
  • Frequently used hotels. Other useful data that you will be able to track includes frequently used hotels. This is useful in knowing which hotels are used the most, which in turn helps you identify accommodation that adds real value. Approved, frequently used hotels can also be added to lists of preferred suppliers for your employees’ trips.

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