Staying compliant when it comes to claiming VAT on travel expenses can be no small feat. Whether your company is a large, multi-national corporation, or a small business, corporate travel invoices need to be compliant in order to claim back VAT on any expenses. Each country is subject to its own VAT rates and guidelines on what can and can’t be claimed, as well as which items are deemed refundable, restricted, reduced VAT rate approved or even VAT exempt/zero rated. Depending on where your employees travel to, this means that you can recover VAT on a wide range of typical business travel expenses that could include everything from hotels to care hire, restaurants, conferences, exhibitions, transport and fuel to name just some examples.

Overworked travel manager Zach needs to prepare all employee travel records in order to claim back as much of his company’s travel expenses as possible. He has been told by the CEO to reduce travel budgets this year. It may be extremely useful for him to consider a travel booking platform that allows him to not only book employee hotels, flights and car hire, but also reclaim VAT for his company on international travel. Voyya is the only travel platform globally that offers this type of integration.

How to Claim VAT on Travel Expenses

Recovering VAT on travel expenses when your team is travelling abroad often requires excellent relationships with various tax authorities, in addition to a solid understanding of various international VAT laws. What makes a travel platform such as Voyya so useful is that it takes out all of the stress out of claiming VAT on your various expenses incurred during business trips. Some tips to keep in mind when travelling locally and internationally for business include the following:

International Travel:

  • Companies can reclaim VAT from the destinations within the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea under international VAT legislation.
  • Invoice compliance rules are stringent to ensure that you are able to qualify for VAT reclaim
  • Most booking platforms cannot provide VAT compliant invoices
  • Failure to comply with invoice formats or lost invoices can result in up to 27% “loss” on VAT

Domestic Travel:

  • Domestic VAT invoices require specific company and traveller information in order to obtain local VAT refunds
  • Most companies are unaware of this fact, and in some cases, forfeit local VAT on these invoices
  • Prepaid invoices from both online and traditional travel agents are of particular concern – they never stipulate VAT and cannot be used for VAT reclaim purposed – have you checked your recent invoices to see whether they are compliant?

The biggest advantage for your company is that you will be able to claim VAT back on travel expenses and not worry about invoice compliancy.  Voyya assists clients in reclaiming VAT and provides transparency  throughout the entire VAT refund process, from start to end. However often your employees travel, however far they may go, or however long they stay, this helps you manage their trips simply and efficiently, without losing out on VAT refunds.

If you utilise another VAT reclaim provider already, no problem, Voyya will assist your company by increasing the number of VAT compliant invoices, translating into more savings.

Signing up to Voyya is 100% free, and it is easy to get started. To learn more about how Voyya can help you claim VAT on travel expenses, simply get in touch today on on +33 4 26 03 52 43 or