How do you go about finding the best hotel booking site to manage your company’s business travel? A large number of businesses book employee travel through B2C booking sites rather than dedicated B2B platforms that enable a far greater peace of mind.

When major booking site analyzed their database that spanned over a million bookings per day, they noticed something interesting… over one in five bookings was business related. The trouble with all the bookings done via leisure travel platforms is that business travel often has far more challenges in the form of:

  • Travelers losing invoices;
  • Non-compliant invoices;
  • No control nor insight into where employees are booking and traveling, and,
  • No ability to analyze or track employee travel spend.

Companies across the world often have unique requirements that cannot be met by a typical consumer travel booking site.

In Search of the Best Hotel Booking Site for Corporate Travel

With that in mind, how do you go about finding the best hotel booking site for your business travel? Some of the features to look for when selecting booking sites for corporate travel include the following:

  • Ease of use. While popular booking sites such as, Expedia and are easy to use on the surface, they cater largely to leisure travel. As leisure travelers do not need to worry about invoicing, compliance, and taxes, these sites can be frustrating to use when booking travel for employees. A dedicated business travel booking platform such as Voyya meanwhile gives you everything you need to book and manage your business travel in one place. This ease of use means that admin, travel teams as well as individual travelers can book trips quickly and easily, with everything from hotels to flights and car hire arranged from one central dashboard.
  • Compliant invoicing. This is a huge challenge for companies. Leisure sites do not provide quality business invoices and travel agents do not possess the know how to ensure compliant invoices. In order to be tax compliant however, you need your domestic and international VAT invoices to be fully compliant with every booking in order to ensure successful VAT refunds. Voyya is the only travel platform in the world that offers fully compliant invoices, automatically. This means that you will never have to chase after employees or service providers again. Instead, you can have full peace of mind from consolidated travel invoices that can be easily accessed from your dashboard.
  • Accessibility. On the topic of central, accessible dashboards, another feature to look for is the ability to manage all of your company travel requirements in one place. The ability to book multiple employee trips, covering every aspect of their stay, from flights to hotels and car hire, means that you will not have to waste time on multiple booking sites. Instead, you can manage your entire team’s travel from your central dashboard. From the Voyya dashboard, you can also analyze your travel costs, identify which employees spend the most, discover the hotels your staff visit frequently, and easily manage invoices as well.
  • VAT back. With Voyya, you have the ability to earn up to 27% VAT back on travel bookings to certain EU countries.
  • Affordability. Another essential feature comes down to the bottom line. Whether you are a small business with low overheads, or a large business with a number of employees that travel frequently, saving costs is always important. A staggering number of companies state that controlling costs is a major priority when it comes to business travel. Thanks to partnerships with leading booking sites and service providers, and the financial benefits enjoyed by compliant invoices and VAT cash back, Voyya is able to offer enhanced savings. Best of all, you can use the Voyya app at no cost!
  • 24/7 Customer care. Do leisure sites take care of your every request immediately? Our dedicated support team will take care of your every need, think of us as your free personal travel assistants. Last minute changes, late check-ins, special meals or cancellations – the Voyya team is a moment away with email, chat or phone

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