As a travel manager, you need to juggle many balls on a day to day basis. On one hand, you need to keep costs down so that you can stay in budget. On another hand, you need to find the simplest, safest and most logical way to manage employee travel effectively.

If you are finding that every day is a struggle to keep things in order, you may well be wondering whether there is any way to simplify your processes and avoid the endless stress that arises each day. Keep reading to find solutions to the biggest travel manager challenges that you may be facing right now.

Travel Manager Challenges (And How to Avoid Them)

Some of the top travel manager challenges (and their solutions) include the following:

Challenge #1: Rising hotel and flight costs.

Trying to reduce the rising costs of corporate travel is without a doubt one of the biggest challenges faced by travel managers. One reason for this is the fact that many companies book employee trips through leisure travel platforms. Many managers end up booking pre-paid packages through online booking sites, thinking that they are getting a good deal. In fact, pre-paid bookings can result in lost funds, because most leisure booking sites do not provide compliant invoices. This means that VAT cannot be claimed back from corporate trips. The simplest way to avoid this challenge is to use a dedicated corporate booking website such as Voyya, which is able to give you the best deals, along with fully compliant invoices.

Challenge #2: Chasing employees for invoices.

On the topic of employee travel invoices, it can quickly get frustrating having to constantly follow up on invoices. Beth, in marketing has travelled to the US head office six times this year already, while Jonathan from sales has just gotten back from his fourth trip. The heads of departments are planning a trip to the UK office next month, and still have not returned their invoices from the last trip. The simplest way to ensure that invoices are submitted on time is to use a platform that offers consolidated invoicing. This means that all invoices are organised online, in one place, without the need to hassle or chase anyone again.

Challenge #3: Non-compliant travel invoices.

Another major challenge is invoice compliance. In order to claim back tax on travel costs, invoices require specific information. The majority of booking sites are geared towards leisure travellers, who do not require the same types of invoices that corporate travellers need in order to claim VAT or GST. The trouble with this is that many employees do not realise that invoices are non-compliant. They are brought back to travel managers, who soon realise that they cannot submit the trip as part of company expenses. Once again, the simplest solution to this challenge is to book employee trips through a platform that offers fully compliant invoices, such as Voyya, for example

Challenge #4: Security concerns when booking online.

Data breaches have become a major concern for many businesses all over the world. Safety is always a concern when booking online. With the rise of booking sites, it is not always easy to find peace of mind that transactions will always be secure. Because so many sites cater to leisure travellers, they are not always able to provide you with such peace of mind. The solution to this challenge once again lies in choosing a platform that gives you full assurance, along with a host of security features that further put your mind at rest when booking employee travel.

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