There is no doubt that corporate travel has its share of headaches. From non-compliant invoices to leisure-orientated booking sites, multiple booking sites and a lack of consolidation, keeping track of expenses can get frustrating for everyone.

What are some of the worst headaches that arise from corporate travel? And, how can these headaches be avoided? Let’s take a look…

Typical Corporate Travel Hassles

Some of the most common headaches when booking and managing corporate travel include the following:

Most booking sites are geared towards leisure travel.

The majority of travel booking sites are more suited to leisure travel, which can be a huge pain for employees, travel managers, small business owners and assistants who need to book flights and accommodation. Unlike corporate travel websites, leisure booking sites often have hidden costs, such as booking fees or commissions. They also lack the ability to generate compliant invoices. That brings us to our next hassle…

Travel invoices are not always compliant.

Corporate travel invoices require very specific information in order for them to be submitted for tax returns. If you are hoping to claim back a portion of your travel expenses through VAT cash back, you will soon start to struggle if invoices are missing crucial information. That increases the odds of rejected claims, which in turn makes it far harder to keep costs down. This headache has a trickle down effect on everyone, and often leads to travel budgets being reduced to try and keep costs down further

Travel invoices are not usually consolidated.

Instead of being in one, easy to find place, invoices are all over the place. For employees, this means needing to source invoices for flights as well as accommodation and other travel costs. For travel managers, CFOs and account teams, this means needing to chase employees for invoices. If information is missing, it also means that even more time is wasted trying to follow up with multiple suppliers. When invoices are consolidated, this headache goes away very quickly.

Wasting time on multiple booking sites.

Finally, another headache is the time that is wasted by booking hotels on one site, and flights on another site. When it is a small company, this time wastage is not too serious. In a large company that has many employees who travel frequently, it begins to mount up rapidly. Imagine being able to manage all of your trips from one single website, rather than having to waste hours on multiple sites. Yet again, a platform such as Voyya is able to come to the rescue and save you a great deal of time.

Take the headache out of travel bookings with the help of Voyya – a free, easy to use business travel booking website that allows you to take control over employee travel. Learn more about Voyya by having a look at these FAQ, or contact us on +33 4 26 03 52 43 or for more information on our corporate travel booking website.