How safe is it to book business travel online? If you read current news, you may be forgiven for thinking it is not safe at all. As technology continues to grow, hackers and scammers have gotten smarter every year. For those who are used to using travel agents, it can be rather daunting to think of making a booking online, especially with all the possible things that could go wrong.

The good news is that online bookings can be just as safe as booking through an agent… provided you choose a booking site that you can trust. When you find the right booking site, it will become far easier to book business travel without worrying about security risks.

Avoid These Warning Signs When You Book Business Travel Online

The following warning signs will also help you to book business travel online in a way that is careful and considered:

The site is a generic third party booking site.

Be wary of third party booking sites that are completely generic, with no clear focus or brand. It is all too easy for scammers to set up fake booking websites that look and act just like the real thing. You could make a booking, make payment, and then carry on with your planning without being the wiser. Although it is not very common, there has been a rise in recent years of dummy booking sites that take your money and run. When your employee leaves on their trip, they arrive to find that no booking has been made at the hotel in question. Instead, your company is short a small fortune. A good way to test if the site is legitimate is to do a Google search for the company. You can use search terms such as ‘X Company scams’ as well to see if anything comes up on any known scams. Above all else, use your instinct. If the site does not seem right in any way, avoid it like the plague rather than taking the chance of being scammed.

There are no contact information or support is provided.

Another way to separate the legitimate sites from the less than savoury sites is the level of support that is provided. To give you an example, Brian has found what appears to be a good deal on hotel bookings through a third party booking website. He is a little unsure whether his type of credit card is accepted, and wants to talk to a real life human before paying, just to be safe. If Brian is using a good site, he will have no trouble reaching a customer service agent. If, on the other hand, he cannot find contact information anywhere, and no support is offered in any way, there is no way for Brian to know whether the booking site is safe to use. If he is smart, he will exit and find a better site. A trust-worthy site will always make it easy for you to reach them via email and phone. You should also receive full support once signing up. Without support and contact information, you will struggle to reach anyone if something goes wrong.

The site does not cater exclusively to business travel.

Although it does not really completely reduce the risk of scams and other worries, a dedicated corporate travel site is more likely to cater to the unique needs of business travellers. Unlike a massive booking site that deals with thousands of bookings each day, a dedicated site specifically for business travel has an audience of business travellers only. The systems that are in place are made for the challenges that this type of traveller has, rather than those that leisure travellers may have. If features such as compliant invoicing, consolidated invoices, post-paid options and similar are offered, there is more chance that the site in question pays special attention to details that will give you a far greater peace of mind. This in turn helps to build trust.

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