One of the most important features for any online travel portal is real life human support. As with any travel booking site that requires personal information and payment details, a great deal of trust is needed to make bookings online. The main reason that 24 hour support is so important is that it helps to strengthen trust while building relationships and making it easier to make bookings and manage invoices.

Despite the obvious importance of support, many commercial booking platforms are designed to minimise human interaction at all costs. If you are lucky, you may get help from a chat bot. You may be able to find contact information to ask a specific question. Whether or not you actually reach anyone and get the help you need is another story altogether. With that in mind, why is it so important to always choose an online travel portal that offers proper support?

Why Choose an Online Travel Portal That Offers Human Support

Some of the main reasons to always choose an online travel portal that provided round the clock support include the following:

  • Greater peace of mind. Above all else, customer support helps to provide peace of mind. If you are used to booking through a travel agent, it can be a little bit frustrating to make bookings online. Travel booking sites that offer help around the clock make the process a lot easier, by being there when help is needed. Even if you never have to use support, just knowing that someone is there at any point in your travel journey will be comforting. This in turn helps to build trust and build relationships that are rooted in accountability and transparency.
  • Your questions answered. If you do have questions however, nothing is worse than having no one to answer them when you need help. To give you an example, Shannon is trying to book her company’s sales team into hotels for an upcoming trade show. She has just made the bookings, when she realised that the flights have been changed. Shannon needs to find out how to update her bookings. Looking around, she sees the option to contact support. Even though it is late at night, the customer service team is there to help Shannon. If Shannon had not been able to get help from a human who could answer specific questions, she would likely have cancelled the booking and gone somewhere else. If Shannon had had to wait until the next day, she may have lost out on the current special that is being offered on hotel bookings.
  • Assistance with booking and invoicing. Likewise, if Shannon needed any additional help with making a booking, it would make her life easier to get help. She might be new at her job as a junior travel manager, and may not know how to get started, or how to add additional employee bookings to the system. Although FAQ can help with common problems, it is no substitute for genuine human interaction. Shannon can also get help with invoicing. She may be wanting to find a specific invoice, or generate a consolidated invoice.

To find out more about working with a world-class portal that not only offers compliant invoicing and a host of additional features, but also 24 hour support, contact Voyya today on +33 4 26 03 52 43 or We will show you what a difference support makes to those using an online travel portal.