One of the many useful features offered by Voyya is our interactive dashboard that helps you track corporate travel spending. This feature does not only give you a broad-based overview of corporate travel trends and spend within your organisation, however. Instead, it also offers critical insight into how your employees travel, which suppliers they use, how much is spent on hotels, flights and car hire, which employees spend the most, which destinations are travelled to the most, and how much is spent month on month across the company.


interactive online travel dashboard


To give you a better idea of how this dashboard helps you track corporate travel spending, we have put together a short breakdown of what data is tracked each month.

How Voyya Tracks Corporate Travel Spending

Here’s how the Voyya dashboard simplifies corporate travel spending…

  1. Stay on track of bookings. You will be able to easily track the types of bookings made, to get a clearer overview of the number of nights booked each month and the average accommodation value. You will also be able to track the number of car rental days, along with the average car rental value over each month, in addition to the number of flights booked and the flight value each month. You can also compare spend across different booking types, including hotel, flights, and car rental.
  2. Compare totals from each employee. If you are trying to get a better idea of how much each employee is spending on travel, this feature will make it easier to get a broad snapshot. This chart shows you the total for each employee within your organisation, giving you the monthly combined spend on accommodation, flights and car rental for each person. Using this data, you can easily identify big spenders, which in turn helps you allocate employee travel budgets more effectively.
  3. Determine top suppliers. You will quickly be able to identify the suppliers that are used most often by employees. This information can be useful for a number of reasons. For starters, it helps you determine popular suppliers that may offer more value to your team. This data may also help you identify potential loyalty rewards or other savings enjoyed from repeat business with top suppliers.
  4. Identify top destinations. This table is fairly straightforward, giving you a total spend across each destination that your team travels to over each month. You will quickly be able to identify popular areas from this chart, while also identifying any areas that make up a low portion of your total travel spend.
  5. Track monthly spending. Finally, you can also get a broad overview of monthly travel spend to track trends month on month. This is especially useful for annual financial planning, as it allows you to identify peak travel months as well as months that have minimal spend. This makes it far easier for you to plan, armed with all the information you need to allocate budgets efficiently.

Voyya is easily the simplest and most effective way to manage employee travel. To find out more about how Voyya simplifies the ability to track and manage corporate travel spending, have a look at our FAQ or sign up for your free account today.