After three successful years providing business travel solutions to customers in Europe, we have now launched in Mauritius!

What does this mean? Simply, it means that Mauritian companies will now be able to revolutionise the way they book their business travel — with Voyya.

People often ask me why a company based in Grand Bay, launches a business travel solution in Europe. The answer centres around our core offering, VAT. We pay back 100% of VAT on all hotel spend when companies travel into the European Union, saving our clients up to 25%.

Starting in Europe was critical to establishing and cultivating the right partnerships with travel suppliers and VAT refund companies, in order to be the first company globally to offer 100% VAT refunds.

So, why are we excited about the Mauritian launch?

Firstly, this is our home base which makes understanding client needs, client engagement and support a lot easier!

Secondly, we believe our solution will drastically save Mauritian companies on travel expenses.

Thirdly, we have noticed that local travel agents are not offering any additional value-added solutions to their customers.

Voyya offers a self-service booking platform with over 1 500 000 million hotels, the best prices through our network, a centralised view of all bookings and invoices and a dynamic reporting tool which tracks travel expenditure. And this is all for free.