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Voyya launches in Mauritius

Voyya launches in Mauritius

After three successful years providing business travel solutions to customers in Europe, we have now launched in Mauritius!

5 steps to using from your Voyya account!

5 steps to using from your Voyya account! "Get perfectly compliant invoices every time!" The following steps explain how you make a reservation from within your account and what happens after you book. 01: Select your destination or location...

Should My Company Prepay or Pay Later at the Hotel?

Should you pay now, or is it better to pay later at the hotel? This is a very interesting question with a number of nuances that are often overlooked. The obvious answer is to always choose the cheapest rates, right? Not always. Let me explain... Companies often...

How to Manage Multiple Employee Corporate Trips Easily

One of the biggest challenges in business travel is managing multiple corporate trips simply and easily. Many companies try to simplify this task by hiring travel managers. While travel managers are able to add plenty of value, there are other ways to manage corporate...

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