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Voyya offers travel management solutions that combine easy-to-use self-service with VAT refunds and expert support

Voyya  hotels booking platform with VAT refunds
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Modern solutions for modern travellers

 We have redesigned what a management tool should offer

Easy to use self-service booking platform to book hotels

Easy to use self-service booking platform 

24/7 personal travel support

24/7 personal travel concierge team to assist you with your booking

Foreign VAT refunds for business trips and other business-related expenses

Save up to 25% in EU travel with VAT compliant invoices

Dynamic reporting dashboard to track travel spend with real-time data
Dynamic reporting dashboard to track travel spend with real-time data

Branded travel solutions

We develop branded travel products for the VAT, finance and travel industry

Hotel Booking Platform

Add a world-class corporate hotel booking platform to your product portfolio overnight

New Revenue Stream

A new revenue stream from Voyya based on travel commissions

Expert Support team

Expert support team ensures that all invoices are VAT compliant and uploaded with corresponding booking data


Commission from Voyya is paid within 60 days from booking

                                                      VAT Refunds

We maximise your foreign VAT refunds and help your company save hundreds of thousands

Foreign Travel and Entertainment

VAT refunds on hotel bookings, restaurant meals and transportation will increase your savings by a significant amount

MICE and Tour Operator

Our expertise in managing expenses in MICE ensures maximum VAT recovery for every tour, event or incentive trip you organise

Import/Export VAT

Turn every DDP shipment into money by saving up to 70% on shipping cost by claiming foreign VAT refunds for your company

Supplier Invoice

These expenses can be the largest a company has which means the biggest VAT saving opportunities

Professional Fees

VAT on consultant fees, attorney fees, employees training and development programmes can be recovered

We make the right people happy

By taking long hours of work and stress from travellers, travel managers, administrators and finance managers


Travel Manager


Finance Manager

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