Wondering whether it is best to invest in a travel agent, or use a corporate travel portal? With business travel on the rise globally, companies are faced with this dilemma on a regular basis. On one hand, it may seem that a travel agent will be the easiest way to plan your employee trips. Is it really a good investment though?

As online travel continues to evolve, the creators of corporate travel portal Voyya quickly saw a need for an affordable, easy to use platform that simplified the business travel process. This platform would become even more valuable due to its ability to ensure compliant invoices that are tax ready. To get an idea of how this type of platform compares to a traditional travel agent, keep reading.

Travel Agent vs Corporate Travel Portal

Some of the biggest differences between a corporate travel portal and a traditional travel agent include the following:

  • Voyya is free to use. Instead of paying a travel agent to help you book hotels, flights and car rental, you will be able to enjoy a platform that is completely free to use. In addition to this, you can also save even further through our regular deals with our partners. Whatever size your business may be, this is always good for your bottom line.
  • Voyya is easy to use. Platforms such as Voyya are also super easy to use. You can book accommodation, flights and car hire quickly and easily from one single dashboard, for your entire company. This saves you time, effort and stress. It also makes it easier than ever to manage travel invoices.
  • Voyya is fully compliant. That leads us to our next point – invoice compliance. For business travel, this is essential. When you book your employee trips with Voyya, you also have the benefit of fully compliant travel invoices that are tax ready. That means you will never have to worry about your invoices not being compliant, or worry about lost invoices again. Instead, you will have all your invoices in one place.
  • Voyya gives you full control. You can manage every aspect of your team’s travel, with the help of a central, accessible dashboard. This ensures full transparency and also cuts out the risk of fraud and resource abuse. And that takes us to our final point…
  • Voyya offers reporting. You also have the benefit of analytics and reporting. You will be able to view total travel costs, individual employee travel expenses, frequently used hotels and various other data that helps you ensure a transparent, efficient booking process.

If that is all sounding like something that would add real value to your company, we’d love to invite you to sign up for a free Voyya account. You will be given access to your very own dashboard, which can be used to book trips for your entire team. You can also take advantage of our unique features, such as reporting, compliant invoices and even GST cash backs. Sign up now, or get in touch with us on +1 414 409 111 or hello@voyya.com to find out more about using our corporate travel portal.